G-Global Business Portal Consulting Marketplace Links Economies of Europe and Asia

G-Global Business Portal Consulting Marketplace Links Economies of Europe and Asia
Tuesday 9th January 2018

Estonia announces the establishment of the consulting marketplace G-Global Business Portal. The main objective of the project is to ensure the modernization of enterprises in the real sector of the Estonian economy by attracting technologies of the 21st century. The creation of the G-Global Business Portal is an initiative of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev.

G-Global Business Portal is a universal platform for communication aimed at sharing knowledge and experience. The consulting marketplace unites experts from all over the world in the fields of finance, business, technology, and science.

The block chain-based G-Global Business Portal platform cooperates with the Angel Vest crypto fund and also integrates the Chrono Bank system into its work. The Chrono Bank system provides efficient human resources management. Denis Tsyro, the head of the G-Global Business Portal, is sure that the tools for modernizing the economy can be block chain technologies, robotics, and crypto currency.

President Nazarbayev noted the need to update the currency system, the emergence of a new type of currency, and a new type of relationship between different currencies. G-Global Business Portal deals with the development of such a new type of currency: cryptocurrency. G-Global Token meets the criteria for cryptocurrency defined by President Nazarbayev: it is easy to use, transparent, and democratic. According to Professor Barabaner, the basis for the formation of the G-Global Token is the use of human intellectual potential.

To implement the project in May 2018, the G-Global Business Portal will launch an ICO.

The project was approved by the Members of Parliament and the Secretary-General of the Centre Party of Estonia, Mikhail Korb, since the G-Global Business Portal corresponds with the vector of development of the Estonian economy in the IT sphere and appears to be a new financial instrument.