EPCC Welcomes to Global Business Leaders

EPCC Welcomes to Global Business Leaders
Saturday 20th May 2017

EPCC Welcomes to Global Business Leaders

Dubai, 26 September 2017: The Explore Productive Chamber of Commerce (EPCC) welcomes to the global business leaders to meeting with Industry Associations, corporate, international development agencies to discuss issues effecting industrial growth and business networking.

EPCC providing global business network through the membership of high-networth institutions. EPCC offering various Membership as per the size and investment of companies as Entrepreneur Fellow, Executive Fellow, Diplomat Fellow, and Ambassador Fellow. For details- https://epccglobal.org/join

EPCC offering opportunity of Global Franchising, B2B Meetings, Exhibitions, International Trade Promotions and Conferences on Trade and Investment in the Global Market.

Now, EPCC directly presence 12 countries and facilitating services above 150 countries.

EPCC working with the government agencies, international agencies, diplomatic missions, and big corporate to build a stronger partnership with the private sector so that the private sector once again becomes a driver of growth and a generator of employment in the global market.