EPCC Values

Values Statements:

The Explore Productive Chamber of Commerce (EPCC) adheres to the following core values:

Communication: The Chamber uses appropriate communication methods internally and externally at suitable times.
Continuous Improvement: The Chamber strives for continuous improvement of organizational operations and programs and services.
Customer Service: The Chamber provides impeccable customer service to all stakeholders.
Diversity: The Chamber ensures our membership, board, staff, committees, and programming is representative of the diversity that exists within our business community.
Employee Development: The Chamber commits to offering quality management training and opportunities to all staff members.
Financial Stability: The Chamber makes wise financial decisions to ensure future stability.
Innovation: The Chamber embraces and encourages new ideas and creative thinking.
Integrity: The Chamber conducts business with honesty and integrity.
Leadership: The Chamber provides leadership that transcends our membership and impacts the direction of the community.
Relevance: The Chamber offers programs and services that are relevant to our members and the larger business community.
Results: The Chamber membership and business community sees measurable results from our programs, services, and activities.
Teamwork: The Chamber cultivates a culture of teamwork to accomplish goals and objectives.